Orlando Network Support

Our network technicians are former telecom company employees, and networking professionals who are highly capable of providing you with world-class networking service. We are the installers to call for office build outs & upgrading the existing structured cabling in your building.

Want to add a RJ45 (ethernet) jack so you can plug in the computer & connect to the internet where you need to? We can do that for you. Want to add a RJ11 (telephone) jack so you can plug in your fax machine, telephone, or DSL modem? We can do that for you as well! Want to feed cable to the television in the break room? We can install a splitter, run the coax, & install a jack for you in that room. We can run any kind of cable you need in your building. VGA cable, S-Video, RCA, speaker wire & volume controls, BNC, banana jacks, binding posts, RCA over Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a (10GB ethernet), Cat3, RG6, FC, FCoE, iSCSI etc.

We can also design the network topology & install enterprise grade network equipment for your data & voice cabling that will prevent any disruptions to your internet or telephony service.

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Data & Voice Cabling ($60hr)

Common network issues: No internet connectivity, network cabling installation, wireless configuration, wireless setup, router installation, router configuration, switch installation, networking printers, file sharing setup, mapped network drives, office-wide document sharing, remote desktop setup, VPN setup, and server configuration.