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T110 Server

Server Support

The most critical piece of IT equipment in a dental office is the server. The server is where all the patient information is stored. Your server should have a Raid-1 mirror which will duplicate that data to a second drive. If one drive fails, you can still run off the other hard-drive until the one that failed can be replaced. Your server should also have a backup system. We can setup an affordable backup system for you that we can use to get your server back up & running in the event of a disaster. Your server also needs a battery backup that's rated for it's power usage.

TV Arms

Let your patients enjoy their favorite TV show while they get their teeth worked on and show them intraoral camera footage.

In-Ceiling Speaker Installation


We can install speakers in the ceiling, run the speaker wire to your radio receiver, so that you, and your patients can enjoy music while they are at your practice. VortexBox's are available for digital radio feeds.

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